Bristol Bay Sockeye - Alaska's Red Gold


The Fat Fish Company is proud to bring you Bristol Bay sockeye salmon – a centerpiece of Alaska’s wild seafood cornucopia and the most prized of the five Pacific salmon species.  Their signature deep orange color, firm flaky texture, and delicate flavor profile, coupled with the health benefits of their plentiful omega-3’s and naturally occurring anti-oxidants make sockeye one of the most healthful and delicious fish to be found anywhere in the world.


Our commitment to quality begins with respect for all parts of the eco-system that sustain the Bristol Bay salmon run.  To us, this means supporting the preservation of salmon habitat in the Bristol Bay watershed, home to some of the United States’ largest lakes after the Great Lakes, learning from the indigenous communities who have sustainably harvested sockeye for thousands of years, and ensuring that the quality of the fish does not diminish on its journey from our net to your table.  We carefully remove each fish from our nets by hand, bleed them, and immediately submerge them in a refrigerated sea water bath.  After the fishing period, salmon are filleted by hand, individually vacuum sealed and flash frozen to preserve their signature flavor. 


At Fat Fish Co there is no middleman, each fish comes to you from “tide to table” with careful attention to quality at the heart of every step of the journey.  When you buy from us, you’re supporting a Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable fishery, a small family-run business, and your own health!

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