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Sign up to receive your very own affordable box of wild-caught Alaskan sockeye! One share consists of a 25lb box of premium fresh frozen sockeye fillets, individually vacuum packed to preserve freshness.  This works out to roughly fifteen fillets, each of which makes a fantastic dinner for 4-5 people.  In terms of space, a standard share takes up about two cubic feet of freezer space, or about half the space in an upright refrigerator freezer.  Concerned about space? Split a share with a friend! Fish will keep in your freezer for up to a year, and should be thawed overnight in the refrigerator (not the microwave!). We also have 15lb options available for the NYC area. Cost is $14.99/lb so the 25lb option works out to $375 with delivery included and the 15lb option is $225.  


We have delivery and local pick-up options available in Anchorage, Alaska, in New York City, as well as Ithaca, NY, and are hoping to set up more local convenient options soon.  If you live further afield, we’ll arrange delivery directly to your doorstep through Fedex or UPS.  


Send an email to with "Delivery" in the subject line, or text "Delivery" to 907.982.6144 to get your share of the harvest while supplies last or to answer any questions!


Chef? Restaurateur? Caterer or food coop organizer? We’d love to work with you! Send us an email for more info on wholesale arrangements. Catch the third wave of food right here! If you think your community might be receptive to wild-caught sustainable sockeye, let us know and we’ll explore partnering with a local restaurant or food coop that could serve as a pick-up location.

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